In 1999, the Ottawa International Airport Authority, in partnership with the Ottawa Police Services (OPS) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), developed the first Airport Watch Program in Canada. The Ottawa Airport Watch is composed of people who have an interest Members on site in various aspects of aviation and who spend time in the vicinity of the Macdonald-Cartier Airport to observe the various airport operations. Some members also combine their aviation "spotting" activities with their photography hobby to produce very interesting photos, some of which are found on various internet sites dedicated to aviation topics. Ottawa Airport Watch members also assist on occasion at various area events such as the Airplane Pull, the Classic Airplane Fly-In Day, the Ottawa Flying Club's Fly Day and others. From time to time, the Watch enjoys familiarization tours of aviation facilities primarily at the Ottawa airport but occasionally further afield.

At the same time, Airport Watch volunteers provide the same sort of security as the Neighbourhood Watch Program. Members monitor general aviation procedures, the condition of the fencing, wildlife activity, parking lots, suspicious behaviours and foreign object debris (FOD) while they enjoy their favorite pastime. They are simply an extra pair of eyes and ears outside the perimeter fence. Their task is to "Observe, Record and Report". In 2009, Airport Watch logged in over 3800 surveillance hours.

The Ottawa Airport Watch welcomes like minded aviation enthusiasts to its membership. Please check the How to Join page for details.